Mar Michelle Häusler // Energetic Approach to Money

A new economic system beyond money. Living harmoniously comes with a respect for the laws of giving and taking; sharing what we do not need and taking only what is necessary. Most of us interact with money on a daily basis; we earn it, spend it and save it. Money also lies at the foundation of our economic systems and at the core of modern societal cooperation. Yet, we rarely explore our personal relation to it or question how it affects us collectively. We seldom contemplate alternative economic orders. Money is a neutral energy, but it can often become a repository for our emotions, beliefs and fears. An obscure relation to money blocks our ability to flow and live prosperously.



Give & Take Lab


Vida Macro

Um canal de divulgação de pessoas, teorias e práticas que promovem a longevidade, o bem estar e a felicidade. Desde regimes alimentares a práticas potenciadoras de longevidade, passando por aquelas que ajudam a reequilibrar.

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