Irene Miranda // Da Lua

Da Lua is a sustainable and conscious project based in Portugal. It’s founder, Irene, is a certified herbalist and therapist specialised in women’s health. Guardian of the plant realm, daughter of the moon, mother of Da Lua (@dalua.irene) and co-founder of Loba Nomad (women’s circles) and Ni Maiwã (Indigenous culture). Soul and hands of herbalist and healer, explorer of plants, movement, sound, touch, the secrets of the body and mind and its doors to connection with the spirit. Irene is fascinated by holistic health and herbal medicine, ancient wisdom and craftsmanship, self-sustainability and the return to our roots. Irene is a space-holder, therapist, event organizer and herbalist. Multiple and One. Da Lua’s activities branch out into two: on the one hand, one-on-one Coaching Sessions, and on the other hand, a bio-apothecary which crafts and commercialises natural plant-based cosmetics. All Da Lua’s ingredients are organic, wild-harvested or cultivated locally in Portugal. Our production is artisanal and deliberately small-scale and slow. We handcraft in very limited batches, for a conscious and stress-free result. Da Lua was born from the need to reconnect with nature and ourselves. It aspires to health and empowerment through self-knowledge and self-care. Da Lua beats to the rhythm of the cycles of nature, phases of the Moon and seasons: with the conscience that everything resonates to the unison. Da Lua’s products reflect this fluctuating harmony of our biorhythm: they’re unique and in constant flux. Da Lua’s therapies and coaching sessions share the same philosophy.

Vida Macro

Um canal de divulgação de pessoas, teorias e práticas que promovem a longevidade, o bem estar e a felicidade. Desde regimes alimentares a práticas potenciadoras de longevidade, passando por aquelas que ajudam a reequilibrar.

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